Mystic Messenger is a fun game to play. It is not your typical game mode which you can see on the play store. So, once you sign up, you will deal with attractive guys. Your end goal is to host a party for a charity cause. However, you have to invite people and make sure that they will attend the event.

This can be done through sending emails and communicating with the game characters like Zen. So, if you’re stuck up with him, here is a simple guide on how to handle Zen Mystic Messenger.

How to Get Zen’s Heart

Zen is a celebrity who works as an actor and musician. He is dedicated to his profession as he doesn’t want to be deduced as a mere handsome individual. Thus, you might often hear from him about his practice and rehearsal. At times, he will rant about his director. 


He is the flirty type among the characters. But he is nice so you will not get overwhelmed with his personality. Further, Zen is willing to adjust to your pace. If you want to build your relationship slowly but surely, he will adopt to your style. The thing, however, is that he’s always perceived as narcissistic as he loves taking pictures of himself. Anyway, he’s an outgoing person with a cheerful personality. Just remind yourself of these tips and tricks to ensure that you will be able to impress Zen.


  • Respect his work and support his career
  • Compliment him all the time
  • Take care of him and occasionally flirt with him
  • Be open about your thoughts on other members
  • Encourage him to be positive 


  • Never agree with Jumin, another character in Mystic Messenger
  • Dislike cats
  • Feed him instructions (let him enjoy his independence)
  • Belittle him

With the help of this simple guide or overview, we hope that you’d be able to communicate with Zen more efficiently. 

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“I’m an actor so there’s not much I can do, but I’d love to help anyone who’s discouraged by their difficult environment.”